Is the cTrunk waterproof?

Yes, when it is housed inside the waterproof sleeve. Outside of the sleeve the cTrunk is not waterproof and a hard rain will penetrate the seam of where the clear material meets the EVA foam bottom. Design is full of tradeoffs, and we chose flexibility and clear walls over waterproof. We will continue to explore options for making the cTrunk waterproof in future versions. 

What are the carrying options?

The cTrunk has multiple carrying options! It can be carried like a cooler by one or two people or as a backpack. The trunk is not intended to be carried long distances such as up a mountain, but instead for convenience while traveling to/from your car to campsite. 

When using the backpack straps, the best way to attach is to wear the clear lid size against your back.

What is the weight limit?

The cTrunk is rated for up to 50 lbs of gear. If carrying sharp objects then care should be taken to protect the trunk walls from puncture.

Are there other products that compete with the cTrunk?

Shockingly, no. cTrunk does the job of 2-3 products used by campers today (such as plastic bins and duffel bags) and does those jobs better by being flexible and clear. 

Where is the cTrunk made?

The cTrunk was designed in Pittsburgh, PA and Frisco, TX and manufactured in China.