SUNNY75 is just getting launched so let's keep this simple with a good karma warranty. 

If you feel our product let you down in any way, then we will make it right with either a new cTrunk or a credit toward a future product


Just for fun, examples of what should probably not be covered under the good karma warranty:

- holes created by storing a collection of hot pokers inside the trunk

- damage from a looting bear because you stored raw meat inside the trunk

- lost or damaged trunk because you forgot to tie it down before driving off  

- tears caused by carrying a full collection of cast iron cookware and shot put balls (gentle reminder, we rated the trunk to a 50lb load).


Stuff that is totally on us:

- busted seams 

- tears from normal wear and use 

- broken hardware


Your satisfaction means everything. If you feel we let you down we will make it right. No one needs bad karma in their life.