Announcing the cTrunk

SUNNY75 helps outdoor enthusiasts get outside faster with the cTrunk®, the first and only clear, collapsible, and engineered for adventure gear trunk. We innovate so you can get out more and stress less.

  • Clear Design

    80% of the cTrunk is rugged marine-grade clear TPU. A clear advantage in keeping you organized.

  • Engineered for Adventure

    Innovative and thoughtful details such as our zipper-free design provide ease (and quiet) for a greater outdoor experience.

  • Structured Collapsibility

    Form and flexibility in one clever design. Simply collapse the corners for maximum malleability. No rigid rules here.

Anyone can find anything. Fast.

Stop rummaging through dark duffels and makeshift bins.

Finally storage made especially for outdoor gear with big unfussy space and 360 visibility.

Keep the elements out and let the light in.

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Always be ready-to-go

The most versatile gear storage solution eliminates the biggest stress points in preparing to camp - packing and unpacking.

Store your gear in the cTrunk till it's time to go, pack it on or in your vehicle, and keep your gear organized at camp while never unpacking.

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Instant camp cred

Get ready for some serious trunk envy.

Look like a pro as you effortlessly manage your gear and keep a tidy campsite.

Tame the gear scramble with this versatile, do-more-with-less solution.

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Space for all your gear

Gear comes in all shapes and sizes and the cTrunk is purposely built big and unfussy to accommodate even your most awkward belongings.